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"It's not a question of the most fit. It's a matter of the most privileged county employees. Eddie Evans


Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.



No lies and no county employee manipulation.


Biohazard cleanup fills in as a synonym for. blood, death, suicide, unattended death, and crime scene cleanup. Unattended death cleanup with decomposition issues also falls under the biohazard cleanup umbrella, to use a figure of speech.

Here I use all these terms to help clarify what I do. I clean after death no matter what we choose to call its causes. I also clean after traumatic blood loss incidents that do not lead to a death. These occur on construction sites, in food processing plants, homes, and small businesses.

Like anywhere else, massive blood loss leads to known and unknown conditions. The known conditions leave a clear impression of blood's loss in a clearly defined area. We know that blood's presence cannot remain for health and safety reasons. Mostly, the issue of bloodborne pathogens arises because blood does host bloodborne pathogens, germs.

As an infectious waste material, the Occupational and Health Administration has a mandate from the United States Congress to administer safe work practices among many types of employees. This type of government regulation protects some workers from bloodborne pathogens. Mostly in hospitals and other healthcare settings, we find the nurses and house keepers in hospitals, recuperation settings, and hospices have the greatest risk of bloodborne pathogen injection from needle stick.

Needle stick accounts for the greatest number of illnesses and deaths as a result of bloodborne pathogen transmission via needle stick. It's important that medical workers have this type of government regulation at their workplace.

Biohazard cleanup practitioners like myself also have this same protection from government regulations. In my case it doesn't really help, though.. I'm a self-employed biohazard cleanup practitioner and I have only myself to apply workplace safety protocols.

I live in Orange County, by the way. I do not have biohazard cleanup work in Orange County because of the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner fraud perpetrated on Orange County families. You see, the coroner's employees meet deceased person's families first. At this time, Orange County employees take advantage of this situation. They send these families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. In exchange, these corrupt coroner's employees receive a 10 percent kickback; or, they own the biohazard cleanup company to which then send families.

No, it's not "legal," it's not ethical, but they do it any way. They, the county employees, make it sound like they're doing these families a favor. They say comments like this:

I'm not suppose to do this, but you do need help and I know that these biohazard cleanup companies do good work. I've written their telephone numbers on the back of this card.

Sometimes these companies are owned by the county employee; they are all the same company with different telephone numbers and different telephone answering employees. Sometimes they really do represent different companies; in these cases the company employees send a "biohazard cleanup technician" to "appraise" the needed work. In any case, the payback to the county employee follows.

I've spoken with company owners over the last 14 years and their stories pretty well spell the same thing. They, like I, became victims of the sheriff-coroner's employees nationwide. Besides having spoken with biohazard cleanup company owners, I once had over 2,000 web sites on the Internet. These I used to broker work for other companies across the country. I saw my telephone calls plummet to near zero in a short time around 2005. In this year I figure that word got out to those sheriff-coroner employees remaining unaware of the fortune that stood to be made for the vicitims of homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup.

Occasionally I find work in Los Angeles County. You can immagine the damage that county employee monopolies over biohazard cleanup has caused to the free enterprise system. Consider the population of the City of Los Angeles and the many counties throughout California alone, and the thousands of potential calls that I should receive I do not. Then there's the state's Trauma Scene Practitioner List made available to all of California's county coroners.

From this list a family can find those crime scene cleanup companies nearest their homes. They can also shop for price and services. My prices remain very low because I do my own work. I also guarantee my work and price.

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